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Necronomicon wooden book case with Tarot cards (Yithian model)


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Product Description

This is a hand-made wooden book case with 50 exclusive Tarot sized cards. 12 cards are a collection of Cthulhu Mythos monsters from the Necronomicon, and the other cards are explaining a story for Cthulhu Crusades. This historical series can also be played as a memory game: place the shuffled cards face down on the table. Each player gets to pick three cards and if he is able to form part of the story, he gets to take all the other cards.

The book case shows the Necronomicon logo in the front side, and a medieval scene in the backside, with a battle between crusaders and a Yithian, all based in the Lovecraft universe, set in the Middle Ages.

The size of the book case is 7.6×5.9″ (195x150mm) and 50mm width.

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