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Dark Red “the Hound” Amulet Necklace, Polymer Clay Jewelry

Seller description:

Black polymer clay Hound pendant with dark metallic red highlighting. Press molded from an original bas relief sculpted disk. Inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

This pendant is 1¾-inches (4.5cm) in diameter on an 18-inch (46cm) organza ribbon with silver plated ribbon ends and lobster clasp.

“The Hound” is one of H.P. Lovecraft’s early short stories and is one of his more traditional ghost stories. In in the main character is haunted by an enormous demonic hound summoned by an amulet stolen from a grave . “It was the oddly conventionalised figure of a crouching winged hound, or sphinx with a semi-canine face, and was exquisitely carved in antique Oriental fashion from a small piece of green jade. The expression on its features was repellent in the extreme, savouring at once of death, bestiality, and malevolence.”

Price: $20

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