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Herbert West—Reanimator

Dark Adventure Radio Theatre Herbert West—Reanimator

Seller description:

Dark Adventure Radio Theatre: Herbert West—Reanimator lets you hear Lovecraft’s tale as it might have been dramatized for radio in the 1930s. In the style of The War of the Worlds, The Shadow and our own At the Mountains of Madness, The Dunwich Horror, The Shadow Out of Time, The Shadow Over Innsmouth, The Call of Cthulhu, The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, and The Colour Out of Space, Dark Adventure Radio Theatre presents HPL’s story with a huge cast of professional actors, exciting sound effects and thrilling original music by Reber Clark. If you enjoyed the film, you’re sure to enjoy this return to Lovecraft’s original six-chapter story.

Ambitious medical student Herbert West, believes he can conquer death through the reanimation of dead tissue. He and his colleague embark down a path filled with dubious science and horrifying results as they endeavor to bring life back to dead bodies. Their unholy quest leads them across New England and eventually into the trenches of the Great War in search of fresh cadavers for their nefarious experiments. Will Dr. West succeed in unlocking the very forces of life and death, or will his ghoulish experiments be his undoing (yes, we realize this is a rhetorical question, still….)?

Price: $19.50

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