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Tentacle Wall Hanger/Hook for Keys, Jewelry, Hats, etc.

Seller description:

Unlike most tentacles that grow out of your wall these Multi-Purpose Tentacles are actually here to help you organize your stuff.

Use them to hang your keys, jewelry, hats, light jackets, a freshly caught trout or just use them as decorative nightmare!

The tentacles are cast in solid polyurethane resin, painted by hand and coated with UV-resistant laquer.

Simply mount them in seconds with the two included screws (Video-Instructions right here) or even faster by using adhesive magnets or double-sided tape.

Mounted with screws the multi-purpose tentacles will withstand several pounds of weight (no guarantee for 12 pound 80′s leather jackets, but 4 pounds are fine).

The tentacles come with an easy to use drilling template (see video above) so you don’t have to mark or measure anything at all!

Price: €34.90

Clic here to buy to Teptec Studios

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