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Tales of the Crescent City

Tales of the Crescent City—Adventures in Jazz Era New Orleans

Seller description:

Tales of the Crescent City—Adventures in Jazz Era New Orleans; a collection of scenarios for the Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying Game.

This collection of 1920s adventures for 6th Edition Call of Cthulhu features scenarios by Stuart Boon, Daniel Harms, C. Michael Hurst, Oscar Rios, and Kevin Ross.

Scenario Descriptions:

The Quickening Spiral, by Stuart Boon – Wherein the investigators struggle to find a cure to a deadly plague sweeping across the city. Soon, they find themselves suffering the very same symptoms. As they race against time, they will stumble upon obsession, magic, and an evil mankind was never meant to encounter.

Needles, by Daniel Harms – Wild stories of mysterious figures kidnapping and performing medical experiments on their victims might be more fact than urban legend, as the investigators interrupt the shadowy figures known as the Needle Men in the middle of their latest abduction.

Bloodlines, by C. Michael Hurst – The investigators find themselves researching an ancient family, once prosperous, but now in decline. Their investigation leads them to a track of undeveloped swampland, a sinister developer, and a reclusive Indian tribe. The fetid swamps of Louisiana hide many things, like family secrets and deadly predators.

Song and Dance, by Oscar Rios – Wherein the investigators are swept up in a calamitous event striking on New Year’s Eve. Musicians, singers, dancers, choreographers, and composers all over New Orleans suddenly lose the ability to practice their art. Some simply fall dead while others go mad, some attempting to take their own lives. But the mysterious crisis is more dangerous than anyone knows and unless stopped, the world may never be the same.

Price: $35

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