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playing cards

  • 19,95€
    Cthulhu Crusades is a fast paced card game, as much about chance as strategy, set in the dark Middle Ages under the sway of the Necronomicon. 2-4 players, 15-30', 9+…
  • 75,00€ 59,00€
    The Mythos Altar is a product created by the sculptor Daniel Ritthanondh (Teptec Studios) for the board game The Writer. It was available as a special add-on on the Kickstarter campaign. The Mythos Altar is…
    75,00€ 59,00€
  • 24,00€
    The Writer is a playing cards game about the Cthulhu Mythos. Only one player will prove to be the Writer by publishing the Cthulhu Mythos books using cards. Use the…