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H.P. Lovecraft Bust

Seller description:

We are delighted to present this handsome yet eldritch bust of the old gent from Providence — H.P. Lovecraft. With its gentle alabaster hue, this bust is suitable for the most elegant of reading rooms, yet stout enough to be used to bludgeon ghouls. It is an outstanding addition for any collector or fan of Lovecraft.

Lovecraft’s likeness was sculpted by the amazing Bryan Moore of Arkham Studios. The base, inspired by HPL’s own tombstone, was added by the HPLHS. Each piece is hand-cast in polyurethane resin with three pounds of powdered limestone mixed in. The result has a slight translucence and the feel and heft of stone, but the durability of resin. The back features a reproduction of Lovecraft’s signature.

The HPL Bust is a limited edition of 50 castings, available exclusively through the HPLHS. Each casting is numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Get one while you can.

Height: 12″ – 30.5 cm
Width: 5″ – 12.7 cm
Depth: 4″ -10.1 cm
Weight: 6.5lbs. – 2.9 kg



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