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elder thing sculpture

Elder Thing Sculpture

Seller description:

A variation on the Elderizer air freshener; this one is free of a power cord, and it doesn’t stink. Instead I’ve designed and built an electronic circuit that pulses an LED underneath a clear plastic dome on top the Elder’s head. It runs on a 9-volt battery and has a slide switch hidden in the underside (pictured).

I sculpted this in clay and cast it in hollow urethane resin. The circuits are time-consuming to construct, so I’m just making a couple of these. Battery not included, sorry; I only buy NiCd rechargeables instead of disposable alkalines, but understand that some customers don’t own chargers.

Stands 6″ tall, with a 6″ footprint and 7.5″ armspan. See a video of the lighting animation here:

Price: $75

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