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Elder Sign T-Shirt

Elder Sign T-Shirt

Seller description:

Straight out of John Dee’s Necronomicon comes the Omen Antiquitatum – the Elder Sign – a protective sigil against the dark forces of the Mythos.
The shirt features a detailed replica of the Omen Antiquitatum silk-screened in white over the title page of Dee’s A Right Rendering of the Booke of the Arab, Al Hazred, at the Hand of Dr. John Dee (A Scholar of Great Repute): A Learned Discourse on Ancient Sorcerie and Spirits Daemoniacal, which is screened in black ink on a black shirt for a subtle and eerie effect.

This shirt comes with a free facsimile reproduction of the four pages of Dee’s Necronomicon which discuss the Omen Antiquitatum – the Elder Sign.

Artwork is John Dee’s Omen Antiquitatum silk screened in black and white by our own specially trained shoggoths. Shirt is 100% cotton, made by American Apparel, right here in sweat-shop free conditions in sunny Los Angeles.

Price: $20

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