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cthulhu carving

Dark Gold Bronze 3 1/2″ Ornate Cthulhu Idol

Seller description:

An elaborate idol of the Great Old One, Cthulhu. Measures just under 3 1/2″ high by about 1 3/8″ square. The scaly flowing forms are etched with sinister intricacy and elegance. The base appears to be a stone framework (A… gateway?) filled with a mass of wormlike tentacles and eyes. The origins of this artifact are unknown as are the exact details of how it changed hands to end up in our back warehouse…

A perfect piece for a collector of Lovecraftian artifacts. This idol is a solid resin cast of an original idol carved in stone. Greatly improved in quality from previous semi-hollow cast versions. There are few, if any, noticeable air bubbles. Cast in solid colored resin and painted.

Price: $30

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