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Cuthulhu Pen- & Dice-Cup – Bronze Edition

Seller description:

Ascending from the unspeakable depths of Berlin R’lyeh comes the all new edition of the Cthulhu Pencil- & Dice-Cup. The lovecraftian design along with the antique bronze appearance will turn the evil on your desk up to eleven!

Facts & Features:
– Completely hand-cast, hand-painted and hand-everything-ed.
– Stricktly limited to 100 pieces (numbered at the bottom).
– Rubberized bottom on the inside to protect pencil tips from breaking, to keep pens from sliding around and for noise reduction (you’ll love that, believe me).
– Pressure-cast in extremely durable, solid polyurethane resin.
– 209% more evil than the old cup.
– 90mm tall, 80mm diameter
– Comes in a proper box that also makes it a great gift.

cthulhu pen

Price: €35

Clic here to buy to Teptec Studios

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