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The Cultist -Eldritch pipes

Seller description:

Mythos : Cthulhu Cycle : ‘The Cultist – Cult of the Bloody Tongue’

Whether you’ve taken the 3rd oath of the Esoteric Order of Dagon or you’ve been chanting ancient rites to forgotten gods, you only truly know you’ve passed initiation when the elders award you your Cultist pipe.
Here cast in a theme favoured by the Nyarlathotep worshippers Cult of the Bloody Tongue.

The pipe exhibits a pronounced asymmetrical curve to the rim of the bowl, sinew and exposed muscle tissue wrap the shank, continue beneath the bowl and finish with a final bloody lick on the bowl’s far side.
If you have seen him in his red form and lived, you are truly blessed indeed.

Bowl Outer Diameter: 1.5″
Bowl Height: 1.6″
Tobacco Chamber Diameter: 0.75″
Total length: 6″
Weight: 52g

Price: £80

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