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Cthulhu’s Coloring Book and Necronomicon of Sunny Day Doings

Seller description:

At long last, the stars are aligned and a tome of activities has arisen! Word games, mazes, puzzles and dot-to-dots punctuate dozens of coloring pages featuring horrors out of time that await your crayons! Keep the book complete for your monster reference, or cut it up to make dioramas and mobiles or puppets you can use to act out a play and keep your co-workers away. Hours of madness and mind games are found within these pages! All horror but no blood for younger cultists, unless of course they go wild with a red crayon… Human free, only pages of creatures from the depths of R’lyeh wait for you to open the portal to Cthulhu’s Coloring Book and Necronomicon of Sunny Day Doings… if you dare.

Price: £4.56

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