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cthulhu dress

Cthulhu vs Haunted House purple inside out dress (limited)

Seller description:

Which side is the inside and which side is the outside?! I DON’T EVEN KNOW, I’M FREAKING OUT HERE!

Whether you’re feeling like a little Lovecraft or a bit more Poe, this dress has you covered. This crazy little number can be worn Cthulhu-side-up or Haunted House-side-up, whichever floats your boat at any particular moment. Change your mind about your outfit halfway through the day? Feel the spontaneous need for something different? Not a problem with this dress!

These are limited edition: only 750 of this print were made!

Composition: 83% Polyester Bright, 17% Spandex
Washing: Cold hand wash only
Cthulhu Artist: Jimiyo (
Made in: Australia

Price: $170 AUD

Clic here to buy to Black Milk Clothing

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