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cthulhu magnet

Cthulhu Fridge Magnet v2 – Silver – Lovecraft inspired Tentacle Magnet – Fridgethulhu

Seller description:

2,2″ (58mm) tall magnet, cast in durable resin, handpainted. Patinated silver version (also available in patinated brass/bronze).

This creepily detailed Cthulhu magnet comes from the unspeakable depths of space (a little hidden room in our studio) and will make sure you obey the notes that it holds up on your fridge or other metal surfaces.

The magnet is a strong 1x10x10mm neodym magnet that will easily hold several sheets of paper.

Each piece is carefully cast, finished and painted by hand. They are thoroughly sealed with UV-resistant, waterproof varnish to ensure a long (if not eternal) life.

FridgeThulhus come in a transparent bag with a strong, glossy paper header.

Price: $13.37

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