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call-of-cthulhu tee

Call of Cthulhu by Anna-Maria Jung

Seller description:

Call of Cthulhu by Anna-Maria Jung

Will you answer the call?
The missed call of Cthulhu.
The call back to Cthulhu.
The voicemail of Cthulhu.
The text to Cthulhu apologizing for missing his call.
The text back from Cthulhu saying, “No worries! We cool!”
The call back to Cthulhu immediately upon receiving his text, but he doesn’t answer, and you’re like “Ugh! I know you’re there!”
The passive-aggressive text back to Cthulhu. The call-back of Cthulhu which you let ring through to your voicemail. The missed call of Cthulhu.
The repeating cycle of Cthulhu.

Wear this shirt: if you love Lovecraft.
Don’t wear this shirt: if you just love crafts.

This shirt tells the world: “There are calls I don’t mind missing.”
We call this color: It’s not my asphalt if he returns.

Price: $15

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