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Bronze Cthulhu Talisman

Bronze Cthulhu Talisman

Seller description:

The HPLHS Cthulhu Skull logo has entered a new dimension – it’s been sculpted and cast in hefty bronze. It’s stylish enough to serve as neckwear for either ladies or gentlemen, yet hefty enough to serve as a weapon against hordes of maurading ghouls.
Cast in solid bronze (it weighs more than 3 ounces), the talisman features the abbreviated motto LFP (Ludo Fore Putavimus) on the back. It comes threaded on a stout leather cord with a barrel-screw style clasp. It’s macho enough to impress the fellows in your motorcycle gang, and pretty enough your lady-friend will want to wear it Saturday night. Well, if she’s a little wierd.

Everyone who has seen these in person has wanted one. We’re sure you’ll want one too.

Price: $90

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